Whisper Entertainment cordially invites you to:
Remix Fridays @ Elevate Nightclub

Sleek... Stylish...Unique...Words that people use to try to describe the experience. Encounter an Ultra-Lounge where indoor and outdoor become one. Walking into Elevate, your senses will be mystified with the illusion of being inside the 21st Floor penthouse, but feeling the outside air as 150 of sliding glass doors disappear into rich architectural elements. Elevate offers elegant VIP/private seating, a dance floor, as well as secluded areas with live DJ's playing the top hits of today. Come and experience your new way to enjoy Downtown nightlife!


Elevate Nightclub
811 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California

Guest List:

Free UNTIL 10:30PM with sign up
(email sung@WhisperLA.com)
*Pricing will vary based on night


For reservation email info@whisperla.com
*all tables must check in by 11:30pm or your table will be given away
*Credit Card authorizations will be PRE-AUTHORIZED to assure enough funding on card. The Credit Card will be refunded once funds are verified, unless the card given will be the one used for payment.

1. Sparkling Goose - $395 + tax/tip
1 bottle Grey Goose
1 bottle of Veuve or Moet
15 VIP comps

2. Birthday Package - $545 + tax/tip
Any 1 bottle (at$325 or less)
Veuve or Moet
15 VIP comps

3. Thunder & Lightning 2 for $500 + tax/tip
Any 2 bottles (at $295)
1 bottle of sparkling wine
20 VIP comps

4. Sidekick & Chill- $600 + tax/tip
Any 4 sidekicks*
1 bottle of sparkling wine
20 VIP comps

5. Forbidden Fruit - $600 + tax/tip
2 Ciroc Flavors
1 bottle of sparkling wine
20 VIP comps

6. Bubbles XL - $770 + tax/tip
Any 1 bottle (at $295)
Moet Magnum
30 VIP comps

7. Double XL - $925 + tax/tip
Goose Magnum
Moet Magnum
40 VIP comps

8. Penthouse Package - $1955 + tax/tip
2 Grey Goose Magnums
1 Moet Magnum
2 Sidekicks*
50 VIP comps

*SIDEKICKS - option incluse Patron Silver, Crown Royal Apple, Ciroc Flavors (Berry, Apple, Pineapple, Peach), Fireball and Jameson

Tax/Tip = 27%

Dress to Impress! There is a strict dress code policy. Collared shirts and dress shoes are a MUST. Baggy or ripped jeans, shorts, t-shirts, ball caps, tennis shoes or sneakers are not allowed (this includes no Vans, Chucks, or any athletic shoes with laces or a rubber sole regardless of label or brand name designer). For women, no flip flops, tennis shoes, beanies, athletic wear, swimwear or t-shirts.

(This is a 21+ event, no exceptions)

Join Whisper Entertainment as we will be having a special event, WOLO (Whisper Only Lives Once) at Bound with a special guest DJ!

In the heart of Ktown, Bound Nightclub is the place to be!

《 DJ 》

Bound Nightclub
682 Irolo St...
Los Angeles, California

《Admission Info》
Doors open 9:00PM
Guest list: FREE before 12
*must be on guestlist*
General Admission: $20

Bottle service is the way to do it! Party with luxury at your own table, VIP admission, personal service and private booth! Bound Nightclub offers an extensive list of bottles to choose.

Platinum - $820 +tax&tip
- VVIP Booth or Room Sitting
- 3 Bottles of your choice
- 1 Champagne Bottle
- Fruit Platter + Appetizer

Gold - $600 +tax&tip
- VVIP Booth
- 2 Bottles of your choice
- Fruit Platter

Silver - $270 +tax&tip
- 1 Bottle of your choice
- Fruit Platter

*See details on bottle service package flyer
** We have a little extra for our Birthday groups and for guests that will arrive before 11PM

Contact your favorite promoter for more details!